Shopify and WordPress ECommerce Solution

In a recent home project I’ve been gradually setting up a site for a client’s shop—a bit of WordPress here, a touch of Shopify there, and a gentle sprinkling of seo and link-building advice.

It’s early days, but the basic site is up and really needs someone to give it some nice graphics (not my strongest point, I admit).

Integration Possibilities

There are some great opportunities thanks to Shopify’s atom feed although they require a little coding to maintain some aesthetic appeal.

  • Promote items within your blog
  • List particular Shopify categories / items / promotions in your sidebar or frontpage
  • Place random items / promotions in areas around your blog
  • Automatically link items from the blog to the shop

If you would like to hire me for some simple help with WordPress / Shopify integration then please get in touch and let me know what you are trying to achieve.

The combination of Shopify and WordPress has created something remarkably easy to maintain (WordPress is easy and Shopify is hosted), such that he does not need to invest money to update every bit of html. I disabled all comments in WordPress (as they’re not really needed for a shop front), and so far it looks not too shabby—if I do say so myself.

At first, Shopify had me wondering: Would it be flexible enough; How easy would liquid be just to make some basic changes. Well the answer was ‘easy’—you can even create atom feeds of product ‘collections’, and feed them to WordPress, which is something I plan to do later on.

The final site I developed used local keywords for targeting electrical repairs in Edinburgh, such as console repair based ones… Wii Repair Edinburgh, PS3 repair Edinburgh and XBOX repair Edinburgh. The real bread and butter of his business was better served by focusing on ‘TV repair Edinburgh‘ using Google Maps. Try doing a Google search for any of those keywords and see how well Sound and Vision Technical Services does :)

If you’d like to hire me to help you SEO your own site, blog or shop then get in touch.

So there you have it, a quick and cheap solution for an e-commerce shop and front end that’s easy for the client to maintain.


By the way, if you want anything electrical repaired and you’re in or around Edinburgh, then I would highly recommend Sound and Vision Technical Services—Chris and the gang really know what they are doing! Let them know I sent you :)

Update Dec 2010: The shop never panned out, not due to any fault with shopify but the amount of time and resources required to run an ecommerce operation. Hopefully we’ll see it return in the future. These two packages remain an excellent entry solution into ecommerce. Sign up for spotify and try the free trial at the very least!