Checkpoint Secure Client 64bit Solution

I experienced a heart stopping moment when I realised that working from home was going to be tricky if I could no longer log in. I’d just upgraded to Windows 7 64bit. The following entry details how I got the 32bit version of Checkpoint’s Secure Client working on my 64 bit operating system in a round about way :)

For whatever reason, many people are finding themselves unable to upgrade to a 64bit operating system, whether it be Windows 7 or Vista, while others find themselves considering downgrading just so they can connect remotely to work. Well, there is a pretty obvious and easy solution—use a Virtual PC!

This solution is tailored to Windows 7 64bit, but can be equally applied to Vista installs, and it is completely free and easy!

First, grab both these files (for the relevent version of windows 7).

Install them in the correct order!

Start up Windows 7 Virtual PC XP (if you installed them correctly they should now be in Start Menu).

Install your VPN-1 Secure Client.

From your virtual PC tool menu:

  • Click Tools-> Settings
  • Click Network
  • Change your adaptor to use your actual hardware adaptor, not Shared Networking.
  • Reboot your virtual PC completely

You should now be able to start VPN Secure client and log in from your PC.

If I just saved you from commercial deathrow or perhaps saved you a bit of headache then please consider buying me a beer by clicking the icon to the right, thanks! :)

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  1. Gustavo
    Gustavo says:

    This is still not a solution. It is a workaround. The major disadvantage is that i cannot synchronize outlook until i’m in the office, and this is a big disadvantage of the solution.

    For every other thing i’m leaving with it for a year…

  2. Julian Young
    Julian Young says:

    Hey Gustavo, you are correct, it is a workaround, I used a title that I had typed when I was looking for a solution/workaround. I know this isn’t perfect for everyone but for home workers it’s pretty handy.

  3. Mack Frankford
    Mack Frankford says:

    If your using an application to connect then you might not want to do that. Try this: Click start (Flag in the circle) and then click Connect To… and then click on the network and if you have a Network code enter it.

  4. MarkP
    MarkP says:

    For crying out loud, Shrew Soft VPN (open source) works on Windows 7 64-bit. I don’t have a certificate for Checkpoint to import into Shrew Soft VPN (I’m only a guest on a VPN), so I have to use this work around. At least I only need to access internal web applications, but it still is a little inconvenient.

    If an open source project can get it done, why can these commercial packages? I had the same thing with Cisco VPN.


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