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Spotify Premium

The Latest Update – 17th July 2012

The most recent version of the Spotify Android does not allow you to specify an external SD location. For me and many others this makes Premium a bit rubbish with the offline space limited to your phones on board memory and fighting for space with your applications and other data. I’d advise everyone to send spotify an email at support@spotify.com and make known your displeasure.


There is a workaround as commented by Mike below. “A work around until Spotify updates. I found on the Spotify community pages that if you install the old version before the update that originally worked with locating an ext SD card, and go through the set up before signing in and selecting the ext SD card. Then just update Spotify to the latest from the google play market and login. Seem’s to be working for me now.”

I’ve made the old version downloadable here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8uvb6oadx4hzsux/SpotifyAndroid.apk

Note that although this version will crash when logging in on the Samsung Galaxy S3 but it will still allow you to configure the SD card location before you login. Do this and then update. Worked for me!

I asked Spotify for an official comment on this and advised them on the large numbers of viewers this particular page gets (on average 1800 unique views a month) and here is their far from useful response.

Yes you are right the new App does not support external SD cards and only focuses on internal systems. I am very sorry that your needs are not covered by this and I will happily forward your request to our development team. We do everything to provide the best possible service to our customers and aim to cover all demands and needs. I would also like to thank you for bringing this to us because it will support our development cycle

I am switching my account from the £9.99 premium addition to the £4.99 unlimited version for two months to show my displeasure with this development decision and urge others to do likewise as well as contact Spotify at support@spotify.com – I do want to support the fantastic music sales model that is Spotify but only if it actually works. In this day and age I’m sure they could do better.

For those using the old Spotify Application

Ahh I love Spotify, and I love Spotify Premium even more. Nothing better than plugging in the phone in the car and letting Spotify provide the tunes. I got the Spotify update the other day, finally allowing me to use an external SD card for the spotify music cache. I had some problems getting it to work but thanks to other Spotify users and a bit of fiddling I got working, eventually.

This post should help regardless of what model you are using.


Remove Spotify

You absolutely need to completely remove Spotify from your Android phone. Failing to remove it properly seems to leave a configuration file that messes things up. Some users have actually done a factory reset to fix this. No need, just do  all of the following :-

  • Uninstall Spotify from your Android packages menu.
  • Connect the phone to your PC via USB
  • Manually Delete any spotify directories (usually a spotify or spotify2 directory) via your computer

Note:  For those that keep getting logged out and/or losing the SD Card setting. It seems there is a hidden xml file in the dbdata folder (which we can’t get access to unless your phone has root access) called spotify_preferences.xml

You need to delete this file before the sd card will save the sd card preferences correctly. Besides rooting your phone and deleting this, the easiest method is to completely factory reset your Samsung. :(


Reinstall Spotify

Re-download Spotify from the Android market place.


Select the External SD Location

Startup Spotify but do not login yet.


Spotify Menu

Before logging in click the menu button, this example shows the menu button on a Samsung Galaxy S. You get the idea. This is truly an odd place to stick a menu but there it is, I can only assume this was due to the architecture of the program, a cache file needs to exist before the user logs in.









Spotify External SD Location

Selecting the menu will bring up two options, select the SD Location option.











Spotify enter the external SD path

You will be prompted to enter the path to the SD card.

Enter the External SD Location for your particular phone.



Locations so far:-

If yours is not listed then go to the next step

Samsung Galaxy S : /mnt/sdcard/external_sd

LG P990 2X : /mnt/sdcard/_ExternalSD

Now login and check the Disk Usage option, it should now change to reflect the space on your external SD card.



Finding the External SD Card Location

If you are not sure what the correct path for the SD location is then try the following :-

  • Download Astro File Manager from the market place.
  • Connect your phone to your computer via USB and copy any random file to your external SD card ( I suggest a text file with an easy to spot name like i_am_here.txt )
  • Disconnect the USB
  • Open Astro File Manager
  • Now try and find the file you uploaded, the directory will be similar to one of the directories shown in the previous step (i.e. /mnt/sdcard/_ExternalSD)
  • When you find the file the correct path to your SD card will be shown at the top of the application.

Finding the Spotify External SD Path







Please post External SD paths for your phone model below to help others. Thanks :)


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  1. Lazy Gazelle
    Lazy Gazelle says:

    Thanks for the info, just got it working on my HTC One SV. Can’t believe Spotify removed the functionality. My opinion of them has seriously gone downhill (speaking as a 2 year+ subscriber).

    Took a bit of trial and error using Astro File Manager to work out the path, but finally worked using the path:

    I used the old Spotify app found here:
    It crashed most of the time but then seemed to like me more once I’d got the SD path correct (?!) and I got it working long enough to download some playlists to check it all worked ok. Logged out, updated to latest app, and hey presto.

    I now have it saving to SD and lets hope it stays that way!

    • Fingers
      Fingers says:

      It worked perfectly for my Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
      1. uninstall spotify
      2. install the old version
      3. press ‘menu’ key and fill in SD card path which for the galaxy ace 2 is: /mnt/sdcard/external_sd/
      4. log in and update spofity to newest version./

      March 2013

  2. Douglas
    Douglas says:

    This is a great work around! I’ve downloaded the old version, set the location to /sdcard/external_sd (on Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus) and updated the app… Voila, now have my playlists on Extreme Quality on a 16GB SD card :)

  3. Pierre
    Pierre says:

    Well, I tried all this.

    Installed the old version, entered the correct sdcard path (for me /mnt/extSdCard), updated Spotify.
    But it still sinchronizes on the phone storage instead of the sdcard.

    I have the NeoPocket Samsung, Android 4.1.2.
    Any idea?

  4. Rene
    Rene says:

    Alright im stuck at the finding the external sd path. I got a cheap phone but if i kan get my music on the sd itll serve its purpose. Its an Alcatel one touch, kould someone please help me out.

  5. Mark
    Mark says:

    The latest version will download music to your sd card while the app resides in internal memory. I had to uninstall spottily, then reinstall and all the music automatically was cached on the sd card. This was using the latest Spotify on a GS5.

  6. Sneeky Geekers
    Sneeky Geekers says:

    On android devices just install Link2Sd and be happy.

    you will need to make a 2nd partition on your sd card. and if you make it a linux ext2, ext3, or ext4 partition you can link everything to that including davlick cache.
    this works for all apps that dont have native moving to sd


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