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Spotify Premium

The Latest Update – 17th July 2012

The most recent version of the Spotify Android does not allow you to specify an external SD location. For me and many others this makes Premium a bit rubbish with the offline space limited to your phones on board memory and fighting for space with your applications and other data. I’d advise everyone to send spotify an email at support@spotify.com and make known your displeasure.


There is a workaround as commented by Mike below. “A work around until Spotify updates. I found on the Spotify community pages that if you install the old version before the update that originally worked with locating an ext SD card, and go through the set up before signing in and selecting the ext SD card. Then just update Spotify to the latest from the google play market and login. Seem’s to be working for me now.”

I’ve made the old version downloadable here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8uvb6oadx4hzsux/SpotifyAndroid.apk

Note that although this version will crash when logging in on the Samsung Galaxy S3 but it will still allow you to configure the SD card location before you login. Do this and then update. Worked for me!

I asked Spotify for an official comment on this and advised them on the large numbers of viewers this particular page gets (on average 1800 unique views a month) and here is their far from useful response.

Yes you are right the new App does not support external SD cards and only focuses on internal systems. I am very sorry that your needs are not covered by this and I will happily forward your request to our development team. We do everything to provide the best possible service to our customers and aim to cover all demands and needs. I would also like to thank you for bringing this to us because it will support our development cycle

I am switching my account from the £9.99 premium addition to the £4.99 unlimited version for two months to show my displeasure with this development decision and urge others to do likewise as well as contact Spotify at support@spotify.com – I do want to support the fantastic music sales model that is Spotify but only if it actually works. In this day and age I’m sure they could do better.

For those using the old Spotify Application

Ahh I love Spotify, and I love Spotify Premium even more. Nothing better than plugging in the phone in the car and letting Spotify provide the tunes. I got the Spotify update the other day, finally allowing me to use an external SD card for the spotify music cache. I had some problems getting it to work but thanks to other Spotify users and a bit of fiddling I got working, eventually.

This post should help regardless of what model you are using.


Remove Spotify

You absolutely need to completely remove Spotify from your Android phone. Failing to remove it properly seems to leave a configuration file that messes things up. Some users have actually done a factory reset to fix this. No need, just do  all of the following :-

  • Uninstall Spotify from your Android packages menu.
  • Connect the phone to your PC via USB
  • Manually Delete any spotify directories (usually a spotify or spotify2 directory) via your computer

Note:  For those that keep getting logged out and/or losing the SD Card setting. It seems there is a hidden xml file in the dbdata folder (which we can’t get access to unless your phone has root access) called spotify_preferences.xml

You need to delete this file before the sd card will save the sd card preferences correctly. Besides rooting your phone and deleting this, the easiest method is to completely factory reset your Samsung. :(


Reinstall Spotify

Re-download Spotify from the Android market place.


Select the External SD Location

Startup Spotify but do not login yet.


Spotify Menu

Before logging in click the menu button, this example shows the menu button on a Samsung Galaxy S. You get the idea. This is truly an odd place to stick a menu but there it is, I can only assume this was due to the architecture of the program, a cache file needs to exist before the user logs in.









Spotify External SD Location

Selecting the menu will bring up two options, select the SD Location option.











Spotify enter the external SD path

You will be prompted to enter the path to the SD card.

Enter the External SD Location for your particular phone.



Locations so far:-

If yours is not listed then go to the next step

Samsung Galaxy S : /mnt/sdcard/external_sd

LG P990 2X : /mnt/sdcard/_ExternalSD

Now login and check the Disk Usage option, it should now change to reflect the space on your external SD card.



Finding the External SD Card Location

If you are not sure what the correct path for the SD location is then try the following :-

  • Download Astro File Manager from the market place.
  • Connect your phone to your computer via USB and copy any random file to your external SD card ( I suggest a text file with an easy to spot name like i_am_here.txt )
  • Disconnect the USB
  • Open Astro File Manager
  • Now try and find the file you uploaded, the directory will be similar to one of the directories shown in the previous step (i.e. /mnt/sdcard/_ExternalSD)
  • When you find the file the correct path to your SD card will be shown at the top of the application.

Finding the Spotify External SD Path







Please post External SD paths for your phone model below to help others. Thanks :)


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  1. Alexander
    Alexander says:

    Hi Julian,

    finally I have Spotify working from my SD card! Thanks for the clear explanation!



  2. admin
    admin says:

    On My Samsung Galaxy S if I use the external SD I’m still having to login every time I open Spotify. Very annoying. Think I might go back to using the internal memory until the next release.

  3. Paul
    Paul says:

    I got it working…however, after syncing all my songs to the external card, they seem to disappear after a while and all my offline playlists are unflagged. Happened twice already.

    Anyone with same experience? (Samsung galaxy S 2.2.1)

  4. Paul
    Paul says:

    Its more than that….I keep getting mesages like “disk Full” ; “SD card Corrupted” (bought a fresh one); phone keeps rebooting etc.

    Gave up and synced to internal SD card. No problems anymore.

    I read several message on forums that Spotify in combination with Android corrupts SC cards….

    • Julian Young
      Julian Young says:

      I’ve heard about that issue. Reporting of the issue is further compounded by the market being flooded by fake Kingston SD cards (and a few other makes). I’m going to have to move back to the internal as well. :(

  5. Julian Young
    Julian Young says:

    For those that keep getting logged out and losing the SD Card setting . It seems there is a hidden xml file in the dbdata folder (which we can’t get access to unless your phone has root access) called spotify_preferences.xml

    We need to delete this file before the sd card will save the sd card preferences correctly. Apparently the Gingerbread update will resolve this, or you can completely wipe your phone and re-install Spotify.

    • Julian Young
      Julian Young says:

      Gingerbread is out (2.3.3) but did not resolve the issue. You need to give the phone a factory reset or get root access to remove this file. Once done however it works a treat :)

      • jonnybsufc
        jonnybsufc says:

        Are you taking the Piss £10 a month and your system keeps failing .Reboot your phone…….Wipe your SD card ect why dont you just get the phone to sync with your PC or Laptop VIA A USB ….Yeah Genius I know but come on stop fucking around your stuck in the dark ages whilst people drive past you on WHEELS

        • Julian Young
          Julian Young says:

          Yeah jonny, it is pretty frustrating that they can charge the £10 whilst we sit on our butts trying to work out how to get a poorly written app to work. Why don’t you drop them an email at support@spotify.com and ask for a refund for the time you spend trying to resolve these issues. If you do then be sure to let us know what they say, remember though, be polite ;)

  6. Ollie
    Ollie says:

    I can’t believe how badly external SD is implemented in Android. Spotify and Beyond Podcast are the programs that store alot od data for me and none of them seems to accept External SD. For Spotify, after following your instructions I set the path /mnt/sdcard/_ExternalSD for my LG 2x and get the message “the file patch does not exist”. I have triple checked this, also in Astro and the card is there and the path is correct. Anyone experieicing the same problem?

  7. John Erik
    John Erik says:

    On my Samsung S2 I used the folowing method to make it work:

    1. Under ‘settings’: Clear saved data.
    2. Logout(change user)
    3. Using the ‘howto’ on the top of this page. “Select the External SD Location” .

  8. Per Øyvind
    Per Øyvind says:

    Thx! Helped me a lot =)

    Don’t need to remove Spotify from the phone on LG Optimus 3D P920. Just clear cached data with Spotify, logout and then enter the new path: /mnt/sdcard/_ExternalSD

    • Steve Jones
      Steve Jones says:

      Yeah, works on mine too, thanks.
      I had to try it a couple of times, though – the first time it just made a folder called “_ExternalSD” on the internal SD! Deleting the cached data, logging out and trying again sorted it.

  9. Shariq
    Shariq says:

    Hi there

    I was very excited about finding this page, thanks for putting it together. Just wanted to report that when I tried to do this with my Samsung Galaxy S2 / I9100 but the offline files kept disappearing. Moving back to internal SD card now and will report back on how that went.


  10. Shariq
    Shariq says:

    Reporting back as promised. Yup, moving back to the internal SD card helped. No issues with that. I guess Spotify need to work on this to make it properly compatible with external SD cards in Android :(

  11. Alexander Gustafsson
    Alexander Gustafsson says:


    Thank you for informing me what the official Spotify-site couldn’t manage to include in its own FAQ. I think this will be an error that alot more people are going to be having in the future with the increase in portable memory.

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S2 and changing the path to
    “/mnt/sdcard/external_sd” worked like a charm so now I got my 32GB SDHC-card online=D

    Once again, thanks for the information!


  12. Josh
    Josh says:

    I’ve read all the comments and on my Galaxy S I still cannot get it to recognize the path “/mnt/sdcard/external_sd”. I have a rooted phone and have followed all instructions…back to fiddling. Anyone else?

    • John
      John says:

      I got it to work with my S2. You just have to go to the Spotify settings, clear the cash. Then choose log “out/change user” in the spotify settings. Then start spotify, press menu and choose SD and enter the path I typed below. Then log in, and it’ll probably work fine like it did for me.
      Remove the “/mnt/” you typed, and only type in “sdcard/external_sd”. Then it worked for me!

  13. Leif
    Leif says:

    Had a fully functional Galaxy S2 with spotify and a 1000+ song syncronized offline. I think my trouble began with a Spotify update (anyone else?)!? Then it stored on my internal card wich I hated, having a 32GB external card too!
    I get the “…disk is almost full..” report having at least 20Gb left on the card. And how much i try reinstalling/wiping it can´t sync more then 100 songs at a time, having to restart the phone to continue the sync. I can see in the file manager that i have spotify folders both on the internal card as well as the external even when I try directly when installing to remap to /external_sd!
    When closing Spotify it lags a lot (didn´t do before the update!), and when I try to log out, it shuts down and can´t be restarted – and when I restart the phone it doesn´t need to be logged in, so probably it doesn´t logout at all!
    A lot of words but I´m quite tired of this app….and I still wan´t it to work!

  14. Vegar Bjørnstad
    Vegar Bjørnstad says:

    it seems to me i aint the only one with this problem. i am a proud owner of a samsung galaxy s2 with a 32gb sd card. i did exactly as the instruction said, even factory reset my phone. the offline playlist is beeng stored in the external memory but every time i log out of spotify or restart my phone all my offline playlist are unmarkt. how can i fix this issue?? i dont wanna synk every time i start spotify!!!!

  15. Hanna
    Hanna says:

    Please Spotify, just work!!! I want my 3333 offline songs like you promised! I’ll never figure out how to fix this, I understand about 10% of all the technical terms in this thread… I don’t even know what rooting means :/ And I have SCHOOL. I don’t have time for this! I need to get a job Spotify. You fix!!! Grrrr…

  16. Dennis
    Dennis says:

    For my Galaxy S I needed to input the path with a trailing slash like: /mnt/sdcard/external_sd/. Hope this helps anyone with troubles. Julian, thanks for the guide.

  17. Rod
    Rod says:

    I can’t believe I cannot get Spotify to store on the external SD of my Galaxy S2 after the most recent spotify update (Oct?).

    It used to do it, and in the app it says I have 32Gb free (set the external sd address to /sdcard/external_sd/ ) but it then just eats up the internal USB memory whenever I sync it!

    What have they done?? I’ve cleared the cache inside the prog, done full resets on the login window, uninstalled/reinstalled about 5 times, it just won’t put them in the place where it says it has 32Gb free!


    • Rod
      Rod says:

      Sighs – ok, if this happens to you,

      – clear the cache internally in the spotify app
      – log out
      – do a full reset of spotify
      – uninstall spotify
      – unmount the external SD drive
      – reformat the external sd drive
      – download spotify again, install, and set the sd location as above to /mnt/sdcard/external_sd/

      then it will work and load the songs on to the sd card.

      Why does it have to be so hard, Spotify?


  18. Andy
    Andy says:

    Thanks a ton! This was exactly what I was hoping to be able to achieve! After this it leaves me with no need to acquire an external mp3 player which saves me alot of effort and €€!

  19. jess
    jess says:

    Mmmm, that doesn’t appear to always work.
    I also made the error of installing Spotify before reading forums and my Galaxy S2 internal memory was chosen as the auto destination, which incidentally slowed down the basic functions of the phone such as swipe open and call answering.
    Followed the instructions above I un-installed Spotify, factory reset the phone, formated SD card, re,installed and adjusted SD location – I can now download 91 tracks before memory is shown as full and I have to set up all my POP3 accounts and other preferences.
    As I’m old enough to remember typewriters and ribbons I am unable to get the S2 / Spotify marriage made in hell to budge. Time to call a grandchild for help….

  20. streamingpandora
    streamingpandora says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace and the external SD location is:


    However, I was having the same problem, and kept getting a message saying that my disk was full even though I have a 32Gb card. On checking Spotify Disk Usage it confirmed that I was correct and that the disk was nowhere near full (only 5gb used space). This was also confirmed on the phone itself and yet Spotify kept telling me it couldn’t sync my tracks because the disk was full. I also was unable to install an app (the name of which I can’t recall) because it said disk full. Yet, I was able to install further apps with any problems.

    I followed all of the steps above, erasing the cache, uninstalling, unmounting, copying a text file over to confirm drive and it is copying to the exact location that it had installed to prior to me going through these steps.

    I’m about to start syncing to again, and fingers crossed it works but I seriously doubt it, since no changes have actually been made other than uninstalling and re-installing.

    P.S. I’m running Android Gingerbread 2.3.5.

    • streamingpandora
      streamingpandora says:

      Just as I suspected. After all that, it says that I’ve run out of disk space even though I now only have 2gb on the disk which leaves 30gb available. I’m at a loss.

  21. jess
    jess says:

    So I might have found the answer to our S2 external SD card issue, well I didn’t find it but I found elements on other forums that added up to an answer.

    Firstly you need a totally blank SD card, deleting all folders via a USB cable will NOT work, unbelievably removing the card and formating it on a PC will also NOT work, somehow a folder titled LOST remains. The SD card has to be formated by the handset as below.

    This is the path I followed and had success with.

    Settings – applications – manage applications – spotify – clear data – uninstall

    Settings – storage – unmount sd card – format sd card

    My files – external_sd – hardware menu (non visible button bottom left on white fascia) – more – settings – set external SD as home directory – (also useful to tick show hidden files).

    Market place – install spotify – before logon hit hardware menu (see above) – select SD location – /mnt/sdcard/external_sd/ – then logon.

    Doing the above has for the first time allowed me to use 3.3GB of the external SD and there are no logon issues with spotify it opens from the icon without having to logon each time.

    Hope that helps.

  22. Fabio
    Fabio says:

    Thank you for your help, Jess. Unfortunately it still doesn’t work for my SGS2. I’ve done every step of your solution, but it saves the songs automatically on my internal memory.

    Lets see how Simfy handles this problem :P

    • Fabio
      Fabio says:

      Ok. No idea why but it works now. I wanted to sync my music again this morning and suddenly: it starts syncronising it on my external sd card. Thank you very much for your help :)

  23. ttlemans
    ttlemans says:

    It works, but i have a problema. The offline list is gone every time y restart my Galaxy- I need to sinc every time…. I don’t know why

  24. Viggo
    Viggo says:

    I had it working for quite long now. But today I upgraded to Android 4.0.3 and now Spotify won’t even let me log in. I’ve tried all of the above, including factory resetting my phone. It won’t work.

  25. Andio
    Andio says:

    Didn’t work for me (Galaxy S2) but tried this instead and so far so good…
    1) Do all the steps above and kill spotify from the task manager
    2) Open Astro find the folder mht/sdcrard/android/data/com.spotify.mobile.android.ui
    3) Long press on this folder and select MOVE
    4) In Astro find folder mht/sdcard/external_sd/android/data and select PASTE.
    5) Open up Spotify and it should work did for me!
    Sync offline music and check which storage location its going to using STORAGE fro the task manager.

    • Kjetil
      Kjetil says:

      Does not work on my Razr Maxx.
      Starts downloading, but runs out of space in a few moments.
      This is really frustrating!!

  26. Janet
    Janet says:

    I have a Thunderbolt and do not have the menu option on the sign in screen. Any ideas on how I might get this to work?

  27. Julian Young
    Julian Young says:

    The latest update to Spotify for Android no longer allows you to select a location for your SDCard, if like me you are annoyed by this then login to your spotify account on their website, go to help and Contact their technical support to voice your opinion. Hardly any point in me paying for premium anymore.

    • Mike
      Mike says:

      Very frustrating!! I had my sdcard loaded with music (that was not available with Spotify,The Beatles, Metallica, Pink Floyd, etc..)This allowed me to fill in the gaps of missing music and allowed me to make some proper playlists. I had quite a massive amount of music available to me with this setup and then this update ruined everything! It just does not make sense to me as to why they would eliminate this feature!! Why? I will continue this rant on their site.

      • Mike
        Mike says:

        in the mean time I have gone back to the older version of Spotify for the Android. I can live with the crashes and lack of features.

  28. Mike
    Mike says:

    A work around until Spotify updates. I found on the Spotify community pages that if you install the old version before the update that originally worked with locating an ext SD card, and go through the set up before signing in and selecting the ext SD card. Then just update Spotify to the latest from the google play market and login. Seem’s to be working for me now.

  29. Kvold
    Kvold says:


    I have uploaded a video on youtube showing the workaround for this case.
    I also noticed that when formatting the SD card the folder path for the External SD Card gets lost. So then you have to do the steps again!

  30. Mike
    Mike says:

    Yeah, it finally works!

    When I added a “/” after ext, like [/mnt/sdcard-ext/] it is acctually possible to choose external sd-card for storing offline lists.

    Thank´s for all help :-)

    / Mike

  31. Ian
    Ian says:

    …ok maybe a bit extreme, but this has been annoying me so much on my Motorola razr i. 32gig card and spotify wouldn’t find it just stuffed up my internal storage. I followed your instructions to a tee and my excitement now I can see my external storage going down from 30gig and my internal remaining.
    Ok I had to reload my music, but so what…I am seriously over the moon, looked everywhere for the answer and all forums seem to say its impossible

    • Ian
      Ian says:

      …oh and the location is (Motorola Razr i XT890)
      /mnt/external1/”then create a folder i called it spotify” do this via a card reader plugged into pc

  32. SengSeng
    SengSeng says:

    Wow, thanks for this. I just got a Galaxy Note 2, and I am REALLY upset to learn that apps can’t be installed on my 64GB SD card! This is 2012, not 1994. Man.

    Anyway. I just tried this, and it works great on the Note! You don’t need to be a teenager to do this, either! VERY easy.

    If you are a newbie and want specific directions for your Note 2, follow this:

    (Helpful: Make sure you have a file manager app like ASTRO File Manager, so you can verify this all worked when finished)

    1. Go to your Settings icon
    2. Click on Security
    3. Scroll down to “Unknown Sources” and be sure it is checked/enabled. (This allows you to install the .apk file for the older Spotify version)
    4. In your phone’s browser, click on this link or type it in:
    5. When it downloads, click “Open” from status bar menu (drag down from top of screen)
    6. You’ll see the login screen for Spotify. Click on the Note’s menu key. (This is the white key at the bottom left of the phone. Might as well call it “invisible”, but when you rub your finger there, the “menu” option lights up next to the home button.
    7. You’ll see an option that says “SD Location” (just like picture above)
    8. For the Note 2, type in this path:
    (Inside that data folder, Spotify will make its own folder. Note! If you are still getting errors, open Astro File Manager to make sure you even have a folder called “Android” on your SD card. Some people may be using brand new SD cards, and Android may not have created its own folder there yet.)
    So if you happen to type the path wrong, Spotify will tell you the path is invalid. Fix the typo and resubmit it as many times as you have to. When Spotify accepts the path, the login screen will reappear as normal.
    9. Now go to GooglePlay and search for “Spotify”
    10. When found, click on “Upgrade” (not uninstall)
    11. Run the new Spotify version, log in, and then go to a playlist with a couple songs in it. Click the green “Download Playlist” feature
    12. Open “Astro File Manager” and surf over to your “exSdCard/Android/data” folder. Inside, you should now see a Spotify folder, and within that you’ll see “cache” folders, etc.

    This means that Spotify successfully started using your SD Ram!

    Hope this helps someone with the Note or Note2!

  33. Dan S.
    Dan S. says:

    Thank you so much, you helped me so much with this…I had no idea about having to delete my spotify folder before starting the process…I was able to sync all my tracks to my SD card! Awesome!

  34. Laurent
    Laurent says:

    I’m trying to do the same thing, because I have a Galaxy S3, and my 10Go of Spotify playlists are on the internal phone memory, which is a shame.
    Seems pretty simple, the only problem is I can’t find the link to the old Spotify app : the dropbox link by Julian and the RapidShare link by SengSeng are both not working.

    Could someone give me a hand and share a link to this APK ? Thanks in advance ! :)


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