About Julian

I first got a taste for the online world in the early 90’s running a popular bulletin board system (kids, that’s when a ‘page’ took about 5 minutes to load on a 300 baud modem). I’ve been professionally involved in marketing, project management, web and application development, and I.T. ever since. I’ve worked in a variety of roles covering commercial software development, games development and international marketing, web analytics, search engine optimisation, web design,  bespoke online application design and development,  local business development, finance, beauty, customer support, e-commerce, software licensing, invoicing, CRM and application distribution. Phew! Multi channel digital marketing, business analysis and project delivery is really where I’m at, with a wide knowledge of many industries.

In my spare time I’m a keen martial artist and table tennis player and constantly looking for new ways to fight middle age spread.

Want to chat?

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