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Online Beauty Marketing

Having spent over 4 years involved in assisting the marketing of a beauty salon, I thought I’d write a little about what I did to help make it flourish. Perhaps this info might be useful. Create A Beauty Website Creating the right website is incredibly important. But at the end of the day, remember, that unless you […]


Finding the Spotify External SD Location

The Latest Update – 17th July 2012 The most recent version of the Spotify Android does not allow you to specify an external SD location. For me and many others this makes Premium a bit rubbish with the offline space limited to your phones on board memory and fighting for space with your applications and […]

The Best Javascript Lightbox

I spent a day or two trying various javascript lightboxes and trying to find a decent one for a commercial website. This post started as a big endorsement for Lightview however I’ve ended up looking at a few of the most popular and highlighting my favourite. LightView by Nick Stakenburg The first decent lightbox I […]


Bypass Deep Packet Inspection

I’m a big fan of russian based music download sites and am happy to pay the prices they charge but I do download the odd torrent however it’s usually the latest patch for some program or another, not the illegal warez that Mr Mandelson thinks that I, as a p2p user, must be grabbing. The […]

Checkpoint Secure Client 64bit Solution

I experienced a heart stopping moment when I realised that working from home was going to be tricky if I could no longer log in. I’d just upgraded to Windows 7 64bit. The following entry details how I got the 32bit version of Checkpoint’s Secure Client working on my 64 bit operating system in a […]


Shopify and WordPress ECommerce Solution

In a recent home project I’ve been gradually setting up a site for a client’s shop—a bit of WordPress here, a touch of Shopify there, and a gentle sprinkling of seo and link-building advice. It’s early days, but the basic site is up and really needs someone to give it some nice graphics (not my […]

PHP ICalendar Email Code

Working diligently day and night  (oh, the commitment) to tackle PHP iCal emails, I finally got some code working. I was amazed at how few examples I could find, the majority of which would not work. The single biggest problem with getting this working was making those Accept, Deny, Tentative buttons appear in Outlook. My […]